Covering the full spectrum of employment law from pre-employment to redundancy and restraint of trade, we offer you clear, straightforward advice that’s specific to your situation, and will guide you to the best possible outcome under your circumstances.

Employment relationships often require expert attention and support at crucial times, with both parties potentially – and understandably – sensitive.  At these times, we focus on working to facilitate the smooth running of the relationship into the future. Equally, if a mutually acceptable resolution isn’t possible, we’re comfortable handling and resolving successfully for you any ensuing disputes.

Our Specific Services Include:

Pre-employment Issues
Drafting and interpreting employment agreements and independent contractor agreements
Dispute resolution
Personal grievances
Disciplinary issues.
Performance and management issues
Holidays, Leave obligations and Rights
Health and safety
Employment related policy and prevention
Pre-employment Issues
Restructuring and redundancy
Industrial action.
Restraints of trade and other post-employment issues

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A cost-effective solution: timely, tailored advice for your business, when you need it most.

Small to medium size businesses like yours frequently have a need for ongoing legal advice on a daily basis, but a full-time in-house lawyer is simply outside your budget, and therefore impractical.

But what if you could enjoy that premium level of service and support without the need to engage counsel full-time?

Well now you can, by engaging Thom Law on a retainer, or ‘as-required’, basis.

A key barrier to seeking relevant, timely advice is cost

Not just from a financial perspective, but also from a time perspective, dragging you away from the important business of simply ‘doing business’.
Often it’s not clear that you need advice, or what the nature of that advice might be, until you’re already committed to a less-than-ideal course of action.
Time is potentially wasted or opportunities lost by calling a halt to visit and explain your business objectives and processes to your external legal advisor.
Thom Law’s approach to providing business services fixes this frustration for you.

By having your own, dedicated, Thom Law counsel – who is already up-to-date with how and why you do business – you save both time and money, and can move forward swiftly and effectively when opportunities arise.

Operating as an integral part of your team, we provide high quality legal advice and support intelligently tailored to your business, risk appetite, and tactical and strategic drivers.  We work hard on your behalf, using the law to help your business and provide a service both understanding of your needs and focussed on your objectives.  Always keeping an eye on the bottom line for you, we take care to ensure all legal and related work is completed by the right people, at the right price.

Flexible and mobile, we can come to your office to advise and discuss business on a regular basis, to suit your needs.  If you prefer, we’re also available at your convenience by phone or email, primed with an effective understanding of your business.

You’ll be surprised by our more active, practical role in comparison to a traditional legal firm, delivering flexible, creative advice in language you understand.

In-house lawyers tend to be involved more closely and collaboratively in the day-to-day work of their clients, like another valued member of the strategic team.  Benefitting from an overview of your day to day operations, we are more closely invested in successful outcomes for you and your business. Becoming a part of your team – a partner not a supplier – is a highly beneficial break away from the traditional pattern of legal service delivery.

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